What does a Mystery Imp look like? No one knows, but it might look like the fellow glaring at us below. Mystery Imps are known not so much by their appearances (They come in many forms.) as by their actions. An imp is the creature that suddenly changes the direction of a mystery story, livens it up by murdering a key character, or appoints the least likely character to be the villain. You may remember when Flip Wilson, as his character Geraldine Jones, would say on television, “The devil made me do that!” That devil was an imp.

Mystery Imp 001

Mystery Imps are the brainchildren of Richard Davidson, who posts on Twitter as @mysteryimp and has written a series of novels called the Imp Mysteries. Each title in this series begins with the letters IMP. Contributions to this site come from Richard Davidson plus others who are not scared off by the imps.