Independent Mystery Publishing Society

Independent Mystery Publishers

The IMPS have expanded to an annex location. The Independent Mystery Publishing Society features independently published and small press mysteries, along with tips about mysteries for both readers and writers. Our logo, above, indicates the maze-like quality of a good mystery novel or story. If nature abhors a vacuum, then a reader abhors a straight-line plot in a mystery. Intrigue lies in the twists and turns as the plot develops. That’s the mystery part of our group. Webster’s Dictionary defines an imp as  a small demon, a fiend, or a mischievous child. A good mystery will have aspects of at least one of these definitions. Our main site is at This annex site is at The annex is like a dark and tangled forest that contains treasures and surprises. It holds more than the original site, but our imps will be active in both places, so check them both. We’ll also try to be imps in presenting a wide variety of mystery-related information. We hope you’ll find it interesting and fun.

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